Pom Pom challenge

Children love making things with their hands. They love games and they love challenges.

Our activity for this week gives them a chance to do all the things they love while teaching the number recognition, number sequencing and developing the hand-eye coordination!

What you will need

  • Empty paper towel rolls or toilet rolls – cut into
  • A shallow cardboard container
  • Pom Pom or a small crushed up paper ball
  • Glue
  • Permanent marker


  • Paint (Only if you want to decorate your paper rolls and board)
  • Colored markers

What to do

  1. Start by cutting the empty paper towel rolls into 3.5cm sections – you will need 10 pieces
  2. If you are decorating the toilet rolls and board, do it now
  3. Arrange them randomly inside the cardboard container. Be sure to leave enough room so the pom pom or small paper ball can roll between the pieces.
  4. Then lift each piece and glue it back in the same spot on the container.
  5. Allow the glue to dry for about an hour. Once the glue is dry, write the numbers 1-10 on top of the pieces in random order.
  6. Place the pom pom in the container and then game can begin.

How to play

– Help the kid to hold and move the cardboard container by their hands to roll the pom pom or the small paper ball through the numbered paper towels

– You can creatively design the rule at your will, for example: simply from 1 – 10, or odd number sequence, or even number sequence,…

– Let’s applause and award them when your children accomplish the mission, or encourage them to do better next time!