Philosophy & Core Values

Philosophy Statement

We believe that every child is a unique success story waiting to be told and that the primary purpose of MGIS is to help their story unfold. MGIS helps to ensure life success by building a successful educational framework founded on 3 key foundations: family, school and community.

1. Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher, and strong family engagement is central to a child’s total development, academic success and life.

2. In an environment that is purpose built to enhance teacher effectiveness, warm, knowledgeable and trained teachers facilitate and guide a child’s learning adventure through a delicately balanced curriculum which places equal importance on the acquisition of academic learning, critical thinking and social emotional skills.

3. Much of a child’s learning happens outside the classroom and the community is an important social construct within which a child learns about the world they live in. A strong community collaboration that complements and reinforces values, culture and the learning opportunities adds depth to enhance MGIS’s unique learning culture.

MGIS lives this philosophy, and works hard to establish and sustain educationally powerful connections and relationships with parents and the community to accelerate and maximize a child’s learning, and ensure student success.

Core Values