What Is I CAN School?

Mekong Green International School (MGIS) is the first international bilingual school in Rach Gia city whose curriculum follows the Design Thinking method and operates under the I CAN School model.

This is a progressive, humanistic educational method applied and widely taught at Stanford University, as well as a lot of schools around the world. The I CAN School model was founded by Kiran Bir Sethi, one of the top 10 educators in the world, with the aim of providing children with the necessary knowledge and skills for their joyous learning journey and sustainable development.


5 Reasons For Choosing The I CAN School Model

– Liberal and humanistic educational philosophy that clearly and convincingly answers the question “What type of students will this school build?”

– The operating system is packaged into professional, specific, and immediately applicable processes.

– The ability to effectively combine with any curriculum, which enhances the quality of the academic program

– All teachers are trained and achieve the T.E.T certificate- a prestigious global teacher training program founded by Dr. Thomas Gordon, who was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

– Linked to the largest global movement of children that provides students with opportunities to experience the Global Citizen role.



MGIS aims to build a humanistic educational environment that focuses on developing students’ capabilities based on 5 core values: empathy, ethics, excellence, elevation, and evolution.

Empathy: Learn to care and desire to become a “builder”

Ethics: Think, act and make responsible decisions based on sustainable values

Excellence: Aim for excellence, pursue high-quality and rigorous standards with consistency

Elevation: An attitude of gratitude and appreciation of life with a positive mindset

Evolution: Constantly learn and observe in order to adjust and innovate


6 Foundations Of The I CAN School Model:

Staff training and development: Appropriately and adequately designed so that each member of the school community IS VALUED and facilitated to develop their capacity to work and CREATE VALUES.

Curriculum: Designed with a balance among knowledge, skills, personality, and physical fitness so as to equip every student with the I CAN mindset and the ability to solve problems.

Community: Solutions and ideas that strengthen the school culture, as well as build the school image and reputation so as to truly become a “lighthouse” in the community.

Cooperation with Parents: Processes and systems that help the school cooperate well with parents, and build strong school-parent partnerships in the community.

OperationsServices: Operational processes and systems (E.g. admission, student care, nutrition – health care, etc.) help the school standardize daily activities effectively and economically.

Leadership – Management: Principles, policies, work programs and leadership spirit are designed and built to lead the school staff and students with MORAL authority.